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Have a Son Shiney Day!
LYCRAŽ is a registered trademark of the Dupont Company. Only Dupont makes LYCRAŽ.
Have a Happy Day!
Beautiful Silver LYCRAŽ Lamae Mock Turtleneck Thong Leotard custom made just for you! This fabric is 4 way stretch and high quality, medium weight spandex lamae with LYCRAŽ. Very nice! On the order page, please be sure to fill in the measurements box on the bottom of the page. We can custom make this item for women or men.
Stretch Lamae Spandex Lycra Mock Turtleneck Thong Leotard, Custom tailored just for you!
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Silver LYCRAŽ Lamae  Mock Turtleneck Thong Leotard
$72.95 plus S/H
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